Bugaboo Wedding Photographer

Bugaboo Provincial Park in British Columbia tops the list for amazing locations to have a wedding or elopement. The only struggle is getting a wedding photographer willing to hike up it with you. Look no further. I’ll happily be your bugaboo wedding photographer. It happens to be one of my favourite places to document weddings. The only catch, this location requires that the couple be experienced hikers. So if you wish to hike in for wedding photos or elopement photos you better have a few summits under your belt first. It’s a long hike with plenty of steep elevation gain. So if you are an avid hiker and aren’t afraid of breaking some sweat to get to an amazing location, you may want to consider the Bugaboos forĀ  wedding or elopement photos.

Something else to consider….Instead of doing it all in one day as a day hike. You may want to consider doing it over two days and staying at the Applebee Campground or the Conrad Kain Hut overlooking the glacier.

If you’d like to further discuss a Bugaboo wedding or elopement, feel free to touch base with us here.

Bugaboo Wedding PhotosElopement Photos in Bugaboo Provincial Park

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