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Regan & Alex Emerald Lake Lodge Wedding

As a Banff Wedding Photographer, I’ve spent a lot of time shooting destination weddings for those who chose Banff as their destination of choice. It’s always exciting to be with those who get to explore the Canadian Rocky Mountains for the first time. Being a local to the area, I often look forward to showing them some of the lesser-known beauties in the parks.  So when Regan and Alex told me they had brought their hiking boots, I got even more excited to showcase (what I like to call) my backyard.  Here are a few images from their day and our adventure:
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Melissa & JustinWaterton Engagement Session

Last year I invited my brother to come travel with me in Northern Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and Iceland. I was travelling for a variety of commercial tourism jobs I was shooting that summer and he was game to join me on the adventures. It was a good time full of hiking, kayaking, and camping.  I think it was the summer that I really got to spend some quality time with my brother and get to know him better.  We spent a lot of time in the car, on the trails, and in a tent discussing what the future might hold, what he might do, and where he might end up.

Well, he’s now engaged and embarking on another adventure. I’m thrilled for the two of them! I hope Melissa allows him to come travel with me on other fun week long adventures; but if she doesn’t, I understand.

Congrats to you both and thanks for having me out in Waterton to shoot your engagement session!

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Images shot on the new Fuji X Pro 2 with 56mm, 35mm, & 16mm lenses.