A Unique Learning Adventure

That Will Take You to New Heights

Elevate your craft & business through a three-day workshop in the Canadian Rockies

with innovative and adventure-motivated photographer Darren Roberts.




3 DAY PASS – May 28-30th, 2018

1 DAY BUSINESS PASS – May 28, 2018

1 DAY PROCESS PASS – May 29, 2018

1 DAY PORTFOLIO PASS – May 30, 2018




The DRP Workshop

There are so many facets to being a professional photographer. It can often feel like a circus trying to juggle multiple identities as an artist, entrepreneur, and image engineer. Join me and fellow attendees in the mountains of Canmore and Banff, as I share what I have learned over the years of running a successful photography business, catering to couples who share my love for the mountains and adventure, a niche I have intentionally and successfully pursued.


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Workshop Dates: May 28th – 30th,  2018

The Workshop dates have been carefully selected so you can immediately apply what you have learned to your summer bookings. The Rockies are also beautiful at this time of year! They’re shamelessly showing off their green grasses and still-snowy mountain tops and conveniently providing a breathtaking backdrop to your photos taken during the workshop.



Day 1 – May 28th, 2018


It’s a full day of straight-up Business Talk. Join me in Canmore, Alberta as we talk about how to run a business as an artist while trying to balance the desire for artistic fulfillment and being able to provide for yourself and/or your family. I want to help you reach more clients and make more profit as a self-employed creative. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

+Who is your Ideal Client? – It’s time to dig deep and determine if it’s who you really think it is. We will then discuss marketing accordingly. 

+Business Strategies – I’ll share how I personally went from a average of 20 weddings per year, to an average of 50+ weddings per year. I’ll share the strategy that worked for my business and how I went about achieving it in 12 months.

+Build Your Strategy – It’s time to reflect on what we discussed, break out the pencil and build your own 12 month strategy.

+Organic SEO – Tips and Tricks to climb the Google ladder. Tips and ticks for your website. Tips and tricks for blogging.

+Relationships – The power of vendors. Insight from guest wedding planner Julianne Young.

+Pricing – How to price for long term profit and how to profit even when you aren’t shooting.

+Real Business  – Contracts, Licensing, Accounting & Taxes.

+Programs +Software – Keeping your business running smoothly.



Day 2 – May 29th, 2018


It’s time to break out the equipment and software and see my process in action. Process is intensely personal with no right/wrong way of doing things, but I have always benefitted from the fresh perspective and insight I get when witnessing the processes of other photographers. My hope is that you’ll bring what you have and allow me to shine a different light and add to it with the methods and tools I use.

+ Shoot With a Real Couple – The ins and outs of working with a real, unstyled and unmodeled couple. How I work with normal people who may be camera shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera.  The shoot isn’t just for me to do my thing and have you watch, it’s all about breaking it down and explaining the how and why. I’ll address things like settings, location, lighting, directing, etc.

+ Receptions & Lighting – We all love natural light; but if you can’t kill it indoors when it’s dark, it weakens your portfolio. It’s time to talk about on camera and off camera flash, settings, and setups.

+See & Hear – You get to see how I work and hear how I direct, prompt, and interact with my couples

+The Files & Editing – You saw what I was shooting, now let’s take a look at the images out of camera, discuss workflow management, and  edit start to finish.

+ Albums – Image selection, design, and production. I’ll also cover how ways to let your clients be involved, but still maintain artistry in the album design and story.

+Software – What I use, how I use it, and how it speeds things up for me.


Day 3


It’s now time to take those new skills and pad your portfolio with some stunning styled shoots. Join me as we adventure through the Rockies shooting at some of Banff’s iconic lakes and enjoy one of my favourite adventures: a mountain top session via helicopter.

+Styled Engagement Session  – It’s all about telling a story, and it starts with the engagement session. One will be held on the ground and the other on top of the mountain with helicopter ride.

+Styled Elopement – Next phase of story telling is getting hitched.  We’ve got one planned for the ground and the other planned with the heli.

+ 2 sets of couples at each location – No need to all crowd around one couple. We will have two sets of couples to work with at all our locations.

+Instruction – I’ll briefly go through my process of image creating again, then step back & put the camera down and aid those who need further help and instruction while they create their own imagery.

+ Tour – Enjoy a tour through Banff National Park as we stop to shoot at a few of Banff’s iconic lakes.

+Helicopter – Enjoy a heli tour over the Canadian rockies as we  fly to one of our secret locations above 8000′ ft.

+ Curation – All shoots will be carefully curated by the talented wedding planner Julianne Young.

+Travel – We will travel as a group so we can carry on the fun, laughter, and conversation as we travel throughout Banff going from one location to the next.


I understand that everyone seeks education for a variety of different reasons and are coming at various stages in their careers as photographers. For this reason The DRP Workshop will have a certain number of seats at the workshop reserved as “À La Carte.” This means a handful of individuals can choose to purchase a one-day pass for the day/topic that suits their specific needs.



3 Day Workshop Pass  – $3000 CAD

7 seats available

1 Day Pass to Business – Lunch Provided |1 Day Pass to Process – Lunch Provided |1 Day Pass to Portfolio – Lunch & Supper Provided

Travel from Canmore/Banff town sites to and from session locations| Helicopter ticket | Discount Codes from our Partners




1 Day Pass – Business – $900 CAD 

3 seats available

1 Day Pass to Business | Lunch Provided | Discount Codes from our Partners


1 Day Pass – Process – $900 CAD 

3 seats available

1 Day Pass to Process | Lunch Provided | Discount Codes from our Partners


1 Day Pass – Portfolio – $1600 CAD 

3 seats available

1 Day Pass to Portfolio | Lunch & Supper Provided |  Travel from Banff town site to and from locations| Helicopter ticket | Discount Codes from our Partners



All attendees are responsible for their own accommodation and any travel to and from the venue in Canmore, AB. On Day 3, pick up will be available in Canmore and Banff Town Site.  To book a seat, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon registration.  The following 50%  due on or before May 1st, 2018 . Prices are subject to a 5% sales tax.